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By NCoppedge
Epicurean taste depends on ideas of realism, and how to market them. When virtualism promises to enhance the sensorium, there will be a new market for enhanced flavors that do not depend on any distinct chemical (other than mental chemistry) to be workable. Such a program or system for epicurean products must appeal to words like "zen", "realism", and "patois" to define the quasi-chemical constituents and above all the natural chemical constituence of impressions, so that epicureanism has a reference point within an otherwise potentially tasteless society. Products like tepid liquid will have a lot of appeal, not just because they can be newly stimulating, but because they have an ironic intellectual sensibility.

To be clear, this is part of a mass market program for "unique objects" as consumer products, stemming directly or indirectly from role-playing games and the appeal of "equipment" and "parser affirmation".

Reward: Tepid liquid could be marketed now, I'm sure I've drunk something like it, but it should be called "tepid liquid" literally.

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