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By brolle
PROBLEM: Big Earthquake, tsunami, hurricane wrecks harvoc e.t.c,..thousands of people left stranded/homeless.

SOLUTION: Mobile and Floating cities. Small Floating houses (light durable plastic) linked to each other in pattern, that can be pulled by a tag boat or bardge.
-These are deployed to the nearest shore, where people can stay, soon as disaster strikes.
-Each small linked unit/house is equiped with bed(s), water filtration, fridges, medical equipment, communication equipment.
-Units can be solar powered. Tag boat can be nuclear powered, same way as nuclear powered subs/super carriers.
-These can be deployed close to disaster prone areas e.g. ring of fire.
-Can be modified with Wheels to be pulled to land/rail if needed.

Reward: Better care for disaster victims.
By NCoppedge
If we had perpetual motion we could have buildings, cities, transport, etc. that ran without power. That would be cool.

For example, the classic rotating gazebo. Or windows that adjust to the angle of the sun.

It should exist somewhere in the universe.

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