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By JestBlaze
Fusion drive, automotive, what to say, i've pased by alot of piolice in my day, all running lasers and radars i know, each of these radar emitters has a nuclear decay rate, and directed emmissions, why can't we harness these emissions from the police, from the world around us, and use them, use, the stailized radioactive decayed emissions to work as a propulsion device a real propulsion device of ions, concentrated when we need to go fast, slower when we need to cooooast, always refilled later.
I hope somone sees this message and understand it to mean that we are constantly collecting in our lives the radioactive decay rates of others. Devise a drive where we collect enough radioactive decay transmissions to power a four wheel drive car that does not need gas. A four wheel drive that is entirely powered by uranium.
I apologize if this idea seems, well, above your head. I hope you place the same trust in ngineers that I do and understand that as long as we have someone smarter in the world than the people we know and trust we can have faith and trust in the strangers in the world and understand thier designs one day.
I digress
Imagine for yourself a car, an automotive, a vehicle for ground transport. That works. On radioactive fuel collected as it drives. Build it and be the mad scientist in the world.
Sincerely Matt

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