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This may be completely incorrect but I am completely drunk so read and have fun thinking about this topic. The objective is to describe the difference between clod bloodedness and warm bloodedness.
It is simple!
warm bloodedness comes from carbon based lifeforms whereas they have a differentiation of pressure in their base molecules with the addition of temperature.
Put in lay mans terms warm blooded organisms change the pressure of the cells they are made of by the varying temperature.
What this means is water, or even oil, or any molecule that alters it's size based on temperature could be considered warm blooded.
Cold blooded is the exact opposite. Cold blooded organisms do not change the size of the external membrane or their existance based on the temperature.
What this means is the internal pressure of cold blooded organisms changes without any external change and that therefore...
Cold blooded organisms experience life at a different pace then warm blooded organisms.
Run with it.

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