The perfect place for ideas that are totally insane, making them far too hot to be thrown away.
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So I deleted the quotes. But if it's the word count then that is a restriction on my freedom of expression, and I tend to express a small amount in among a vast quantity of ramblings.

So here I go again. Take two.

All the below quoted (which is no longer in quotes to give hope that it will see the light of day. Praise be any gods who give a crap, and since I'm good at making up stuff as I go along, I've just found the god of every possible invention known and yet to be discovered if any humans are still around to feed from the teet of the all giving invention god. It can bestow upon you the mind of every inventor and imaginer, visionary, and future maker, the ULTIMATE SOLUTION MACHINE (this is a big thing with me at the moment, as the hight of the letters prove) information was me being me passing on a mission that the world in the main would think one of such high value and even just waving a flag to support you is that little bit extra energy to tip creativity into overdrive and make such a leap that you discover something even the military aren't aware of if you are one of those who believes they have technology currently 50 years in advance of what we think is our current position. A theory. A conspiracy theory. I have lots of them, but I don't believe them. I just like pointing them out because there is always that one guy who thinks it might actually be true and spends the next two years watching youtube videos an scouring all search engines, both above and below into the deep dark underworld of the net many still have no clue exist. My mum has the internet. She pays for it monthly. The only time the netbook I got her is tuned on is when my dad wants to check his horses at Kempton or some other meeting. The facial expressions require no sound to anyone from any culture to know if it's a win or a loss. There I go again. My intro got invaded by the ev... a change of batteries for the second time in only 3 nights. Now that I write for my life as all I am really that good at apart from solving calculus but that's just doing what all the other people with the same ability are doing. No real creativity. I'm sure creativity plays a large role in many aspects of higher forms of math and of course the creation of such things as calculus and algebra, but it's a bit to uncertain whereas every word I type is given to me by my LH, where it gets all the information and ideas from to keep me going almost non stop like a perpetual motion locomotive without brakes and the driver got drunk and imagined he was king of he world on the Titanic and sunk sideways in a stupor, induced by intoxication of the juice for those who wish to forget. I tell the the past passed away RIP. The only moment that exits is now, and the future is up for grabs for the most creative and enthusiastic of all, and being good at salesmanship, and not veering off topic too often can be plus also.

I've not read through any of the threads and find a lot of what is going on a bit confusing given that I've not slept in 2 nights and managed to write a novela of around 20,000 words in one sitting.

In the story I mention one of my ideas that came to me in an altered state that happened to occur during being curious how some unnamed pellet filled with possible cancer causing adulterants would effect me.

It was a stimulant. I'm not a druggie, or you can call me that if you wish. But what I've found is that the very best of my ideas come to me when I'm switched on and connected fully to the mains supply, minus the safety fuse.

At first it was more about ideas of how to enter states that where so altered that reality had to be rewritten to take in so many new additions including why the toaster seemed angry.

If you feel this is not the kind of riff raff accepted in this entirely new place I've discovered to plant my seed.

You guys might be a million years ahead of me, but working alone most of the time, my paradigm is unaware of what others are up to which works both positively and negatively. The negative is that I may find myself caught in the mix of other peoples ideas rather than being truly origninal. On the plus side, my ideas come from a place of which I know not where, but usually enter by the back of my head into the RH of my brain nearest the LH. This may actually have biological correlations but for now I want to plant a seed.

There was this guy called Jesus, apparently. I make no judgements on such things as I've been to Jeruselum but that was only just over a decade ago and by that time he was pretty much out of the picture, save for the many healing potions and ointments one could purchase to heal what ails us most. In that moment it was a terrible hangover, but I passed and rode that evil vodka smacked brain all the way to it's release at around 9pm later that evening. I no longer drink, which is probably why I am a seeker of other chemicals that are less brutal while also giving me more awareness rather than dulling me to eventual blackout. But I have to stop the story telling of which stimulants are often the detour and scenic route to the real meat that the carnivores want to get their teeth into and the vegetarians, feel some kind of superiority that even though they eat grass, they do not kill sentient beings. I was that vegetarian and almost started a riot after the bar staff at lunch time offered us a dish of small nibbles left over from some corporate meeting around lunch time. About to eat the sausage roll I came to my senses, and in the style of Steve Martin when kicking the crap out of the local mafia who offered their protection from those African Americans. "*beep*? I am a *beep*!" I say that word simply as a quote from the movie The Jerk which is for me a laugh out snigger moment which now connects to the sausange roll. "Meat? These have animals in them!" I started telling all these strangers how evil they where, even though I now gorge on the flesh of those brave pigs, cows and sheep who died to ensure a higher quality of tasting ready meal.

Right. To the point.

I like to ask questions. I ask them a lot and the more I ask the more intricate and bizarre the often appear but are designed specifically to find the answers that are closest to the best I am able to conjure when the moment strikes me. So the other night, just before I feel into a deep and long lasting depression of which is not really my thing, I looked around and thought, technology is *beep*. Is *beep* allowed. I'm sure I'll find out in due course. Anyway, the stuff I want is at least 100 years away at current pace of just really making things slightly better than they were. I didn't and wont buy a tablet as it doesn't stir me in the way that the ZX Spectrum filled my ten year old body with aliveness so intense that I believe I spent more time on that eventually battered to destruction bit of electronic Sinclair magic than I did actually leave my room and have to talk to people. But I'm like that, I'm slightly manic, less often but at times, down deeper than deep where my only option seems to be a terminal one of which I know of no return, other than referring back to Jesus, who did actually explode back into life and gave the world the finger for nailing him to a cross. As the story goes, or maybe it doesn't, but he was a bit mental and you may have noticed that I am too.

So, technology is crap and far to slow in its evolution. So the first question I asked was "What will be the wonder technology in 100 years time that is way ahead of its time?" I waited patiently as my mind offered up bit of what we have now such as MRI machines images of Star Trek but nothing of actual note. So after a half hour I decided to refine the question into a smaller group by making it a medical invention. And this is the point that the question mark barely had time to leave my brain as a flaming ball of super healing power that had the initial and really desireable ability to connect with the patient at the atomic level and know every minute detail from a scratch no bigger than 3 carbon atoms wide and was able to alter those atoms such that the scar that was inside a vein no longer existed. So if it could do that, then why no just do a complete yearly rejuvenation of the entire body such that the age and DNA structure of the person was maintained while every part of them was altered such that all of their cells, their organs, bones, the full Monty was as if the person had lived in some kind of a status for their life up to this point while having all their muscles stimulated in a way that was of the most benefit, and fed the perfect nutritional foods in the most non evasive way possible. Like taking a 20 year old car into the garage and coming out with a brand new one, that happens to have not been sold and was in storage for such an event. I'm not in the mood for the philosophical debate of 'is it still the same car?' because that's another forum I believe. So this yearly perfection transformation into the peak of all peaks possible for that person had them, even at 89 doing back flips out of the... now do hospitals exist in the future. If everyone had their own peak perfection healing machine in their equally sized housing area just like every other citizen so as not to show any expressions of superiority when all are equal and everyone is free to do what they wish as long as it doesn't not endanger the lives of others. The libertarians got into power eventually it seems. Or maybe it's.. no... I prefer my personal Utopia to be pleasing to the eye with everything white and always clean due to self cleaning nano-bots or whatever some other wacky mentalist comes up with.

In essence, all I've really done is made a machine in my head that current technology is far behind being able to replicate it in real life. And even then, it's just a description.

But this is where I thought, if you want a time machine then create the future technology as you would love it to be, or even find yourself in a fog for a minute, a splitting headache, then a contraption with no signs of what it's usefulness is in the world around us, that is the one that comes in through our senses that we just have to meekly accept as all there is and everything else is made up.

Reading about Tesla and his visualization prowess and how he wasn't born that way but through some kind of bad memory that haunted him, rather than blot it out he altered it until it looked more friendly. Many kids of the same age, me included seen *beep* that freaked the hell out us and only discovered the art of visualization when hitting puberty and how the class hot all over that never existed a few months before, could be seen in pretty high def visual quality inside the mind and using the creative imagintion, sorry, I'm forgetting that girls invent too, so maybe it was some hunky guy, or whatever your pesusion, these days it seems that anything goes, as long as there is consent from all parties, and a bleat from a sheep is known as a yes in the countryside, I hear. I also, see and rather than blot it out I imagine the wool of the animal growing out of control until I find myself inside a massive ball of purple knitting thread. Oh please mistress, not the needles, I beg you... er.. where was I.

Yes. So rather than building a time machine. My vision of the ultimate healing machine that can grow new limbs if the person happens to find themselves in an unintentional interaction with a 3000kmph zippy train. It seemed so far away that I just went for it and in blink of an eye my leg was gone. The train driver was awarded the medal of bright thinking for pressing the cushion button to soften the blow. But fast pretty much beats soft most times. Try jumping from a bridge at your lowest low. I've read up on it and I don't like the thought of hitting concrete disgused as water. I shouldn't be so blazay about such delicate matters, but I know that as long as I keep my mind on telling my RH to imagine lifting up and into a brighter and friendlier world, I get there eventually, the signal being a small tingle that is maybe a little anxious but it quickly turns to excitemnt, and the doors to creation are blown clean off as my entire being is sucked into the vortex of which I'm almost ready to exit and since I was a little more sensible this weekend, I should resurface around 4pm on Tuesday. Give or take some massive moment of fate to either break me or find the man of steel that if I pretend I am him, I actually feel full off so much inner strength that even a planet sized ball of kryptonite could not hold me, as I transmutate my lowest chackra into physical strength or mental, each case differs as you can imagine.

So, I'm simply putting forward the proposal. That possibly the most desired thing on the planet is the ultimate healing machine. Big pharma might not like it but if I make it then they'll have to offer a rather large sum close to the US national debt if they want it. But that would be selling my soul to have so much money I could alter the entire course of history yet have only one desire at this moment.

The ultimate healing machine: every home will be supplied as in accordance with no laws since, the only restriction is that which is oppressive or of danger to another's own freedom. So play your part and hope that everyone else is fully in the game. And if not then there is Aldous' Soma to sooth all the misery and anger away and make the world happy happy happy as our overlords of which we know nothing other than they exist, are in control of the destiny of the planet and our future colonization of all things rocky that we can land on and put a flag up that is simply a flag of Sir Sinclair and his C5 that was just far too early for people to realize the power such a vehicle would be in many decades time. And everyone drives the same car with the same colour. You're body odour is about all you are allowed to express as your individuality.

So, finally. The summery. And this time it's a real summery and not another fake one that gets out of hand as the mind flies off on another tangent.

I maybe wrong but there are millions of people for which a machine would be of most benefit in turning some really highly pained and restricted lives into how they were meant to be. Pure peak perfection just like everyone else. Even hybrid GM humans aren't immune to flying pieces of glass getting into their eyes, if they manage to bypass, the health and safety intelligent and aware, always ready to halt danger before it even thinks the idea is possible.. and everything is possible. Someone said to me, if you can imagine so much then what does infinity look like and I replied as if I'm some kind of wordsmith "Everywhere I look there is a never ending nothingness. But after my eyesight reaches it's limits, I'm not sure what is beyond that." then later thought, *beep*, I could imagine having eyes that can see infinity, but then I still see nothingness in all directions. There is no way to see the end as infinity doesn't have any ends. That's the point. Ali G struggled to get that one around his noggin but he's been on too much off the wacky backy which I find great for thinking mental bizarre situations and then scare the life out of myself by accepting them as reality. Well, I used to when I didn't know any better, now I'm cured of delusions, and only use them if they are useful and serve a purpose in the moment.

I went off on one again, didn't I?


let's act 'as if' using the NLP frame, that everyone wants to be in perfect health, or even just as long as the ones they loved are cured, if losing their own life is the sacrifice to be made. What a hero. Or maybe using suicide creatively. One for the future.

Ultimate Healing Machine in every home

But it's 100 years in the future, give or take whatever the most clued up in such areas is able to find a figure that is the almost certain, although, the human consiousness to do things other than what they normaly do really screw up these kinds of predictions. Like me, for instance. I have come bearing the gift of a time machine.

The time machine. If you can't get to the future then use the power of Jesus Christ and his infinite belief that he can do anything, feel how strong that feels while fully acting as if in the last supper scene. He totally believes that Judas will betray him. But he could just be an olden times less evil David Blane.

So healing machine. time mahcine. imagine the technology first in descriptive terms then allow your imagination to wander, such I seen someone laying on a black glossy plinth with a wobbly blue energy field surrounding them, and just had an update, they are suspended in zero gravity such that the energy easily wraps and encloses their complete body. Star Trek technology is *beep* in many cases. Although I wonder if more people would prefer a replicator. Nah, healthy first, then the replicator of infinite things waiting to be programmed into the constatnly expanding array of things that already exist. But what if a replicator could have the technology necessary to make real the healing machine. Now we have a dilema. It only takes some really smart genius from this board from which I'm sure their are many, to find a third and we will have to put it to a vote.

healing mchine brouht from the future by first describing then seeing it and spending the next few years asking more and more questions that often lead to more questions after that and so on, but the most driven and determined souls on the planet make things happen the way they want because they play the game. Guys like me play around with mind experiments, and in this case:

The more you see the machine as reality coming to an Argos near you very soon, and the more people involved and passing around their thoughts on the matter, the seed of an ultimate healing machine will grow quick and strong yield gains worth all the blood sweat and crying for no reason other than the anti depressants don't seem to be working any more. I blame the schools. No, honeslty, I blame the schools for almost all the problems we end up leaving to half wit politicians who tinker at the edges and sing proud about their .3% gain. Get these guys tapping into their creativity to help the cause. They are brilliant liars and have all kinds of creative get out of a tight squeeze when required moves like some kind of....

And this is essentially where the dream will reveal ever atom and placement of said atom that make the machine that is currently only a dream, become real.

When we discover within each and everyone of us, the ULTIMATE SOLUTION MACHINE.

Basically, creativity building itself exponentially towards it's full potential. A perfection that can churn out an infinite number of solutions to every problem, and pick the top 3 most useful when taking into consideration all other projects.

And think about space travel. Those coming out of their hibernation stasis modules feeling like they started a bottle of vodka a month ago and that's the last thing they recall. Pop into the healer as it is now known, or just H, and hopefully the memory of the Hologram, is it rimmer? from that Red Dwarf crazyness that being stoned while watching amplified the desire to bound all over the universe in search of other slightly evolved species, while praying to our dieties, of which they are now in infinite supply based on the human imagination to make any up they want or require when most needed. Comfort for some, but worth blowing themselves up in the name of the god of key cutting machines, of which, now that I mention it, will soon be redundant as we all go about and the doors know us by the slight DNA in the pheromones we are constantly exuding all over the place. But getting someone's DNA isn't that difficult, and having a replicator that can generate pheremones to match, would mean we would eventually have to have smart entry systems that know our full atomic make up, adjusting for those who have been recently given the H treatment and are now peak.

The TV screens in every direction simply repeat, over and over, you are peak! And in all honesty I think I'm pretty much peaking right now but in a sense that I'm sure you understand.

But on a more one to one basis, of being who you desire to be (oh *beep*, now I've got machines that can turn you into any physical shape and size you desire).... when will the madness end!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is why they should take the Ritalin from the kids and give it to the teachers. It's safe for kids, so surely it's safe for the adults too! Then they will be all sped up and keeping up with the class rather than the old, slow them down, test them to make them feel bad about being wrong, then stick them in their future potential set as a further class divide, when all along it's just to fit the model of fast food servers in plentiful supply, admittedly, I was a McDonalds worker, for 4 days while in collage. I attended the 2 hour briefing for which I was paid the princely sum of 8 pounds. Then 4 days later when my first day was ready to rock and roll, I thought, *beep* this *beep*, I've got a brain, but then again, I could have spread the word, (but I too was asleep back then, unaware that creativity is way more fun that my most talented school subject of maths.. so I solved an equation.. who benefits? How many lives are saved?) A kind of fight club but basically me telling each customer and now it's time to awaken and all those visions you desire so much are only a plan of action and taking the first step and keep going, obviously the switched on ones, i will ponder wtf this crazy guy is twistin their melon with. But there will still be those who have been so highly programmed into thinking they are at their peak and can go no further, are worth taking note of their address, by asking if they wish to enter their details into the super raffle of escaping to the Island of lots of joy and fun and games while also attempting to devine from them what it is they desire most, so start with that... here' at this super fast food animal extinction on a massive scale that even the jews think is taking it too far, we can make your dreams come true, what do you want most in life, ahh, happiness, then you are in luck my friend, as we are running this raffell..details..etc.., so that a breaker squad can kidnap them and deprogramming the crap out of them and turn them against their former controllers using the creativity they where told they didn't have by some primary teacher having a moment of anger driven by a boyfriend who she can't get out of her head, even though he has to leave her life, but what if he's the one, but he ignored me when I said I hoped the best for him in the interview, he's such a *beep*! I hate him, *beep* you kid, you're not artistic or creative in any way shape or form. And even that statement has you stumped so you might as well prepare yourself for life of servitude to the factory bell. And then hope some Eastern European doesn't do your job for 25p less an hour and is happy with time and half at weekends when you thought you had it all with double time. The world will either break you are make you. If you are so programmed beyond the reaches of even the most skilled awakener shaman of minds then it's a flip of a coin rather than what the Alpha's are adorned with. For every eventuality, they are so practised in the art of solution discovery that they will have at least 30 choices, no matter how unique the situation.

And that's why public education needs to be exposed for it's utter waste of massive creative wealth, thrown aside as if pouring out your wallet with no understanding of the consequences you have created for yourself. It's evolve or die. And I love everyone, and want the entire planet to evolve, far beyond peak! far beyond Perfections!! Be infinite and all things, act as if you have the power of god and know all there is to know, it may take a bit of practice, but every actor who plays a long running show has parts of that fictional person as part of their own identity such is their acting in ways that resources they didn't previously know they had, but the character they play has, suddenly become available over time, and the more you act as if you are connected to the ULTIMATE SOLUTION MACHINE you're brain will do all kinds of hacking and Matrix invading until you control the entire system.

Dreams always become reality when enough energy is put into nurturing the seed and tending to it to it's strong and healthy growth. And with a billion minds sharing the H model and all the latests ideas, eventually, the weight of numbers will have someone, someone super genius of which it could be anyone, but will at first be one person who goes beyond the imPOSSIBLE and possibilities are now realities.

The End,

I was going to add... but ... the end. full stop. STOP!!!!

I was scolling down and noticed ZX in the text and it seems like almost a lifetime ago I was at that moment when in reality it could easily be a couple if not more hours ago. Once the start button is pressed the stop button tends to use some kind of cloaking technology that I'm sure some major Nazi moon shaped based jackboots of the universe have some law that only they are able to use it. I await their arrival and entry into their fast profit growing under-wraps moon mining for some ore that a slimy fishy alien race are rather fond of and will part with all this yellow metal laying all over the place, making it look all untidy. But then by that time any atomic element will be easy to use alchemy that works by people dedicated enough and keeping the dream alive that one day, one day, one of their future incarnations will indeed turn lead into gold. Keep the dream alive.
The more I thought of this machine the more it just had to be a machine that could take 1 strand of DNA and a map of the persons neural cortical pathways in the brain to form an entire human with the same personality as the origniator.

We could send pods of these all over the universe and colonize habitable planets and use technology for altering atmospheres and creating Genius projects so no need for long haul stasis but simply find a good big of rock and build the humans from scratch.

Eternal life would be able to grow the human at any specified age. It's the future.

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