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By iD137adk
I am describing this finding, here, because I can find nowhere else to post it. The finding to which I refer is of the presence of pervasive shaping factors which 'show' their structure and organization through their influence on plastic and flowable matter. The units of evidence left by these shaping factors are referred to, here, as “leavings,” and these appear in the shape of “V” or “Λ.” As “Λ” appears the more two-dimensionally stable figure, leavings will be presented and illustrated as such. The relationships among leavings demonstrate fractal development, and a leaving-rich surface may show seemingly florid 'patterns' constructed of many occurrences and 'stylistic' manifestations of lambda.
One of the best places to find evidence of the shaping factors here under consideration is everyday concrete, and, for some reason, this evidence appears more readily through the lens of a camera. In addition to concrete, leavings may be identified in carpeting, grass, sand, plaster, or any flowable or plastic substance and at perhaps every conceivable size. Perusing aerial images, one will find that leavings occur in fields and forests and even at the level of mountain ranges and other geographical features. They can be found while browsing “microscopic” on Google Images. One must simply develop 'an eye' for them and they will 'pop out' everywhere. To read more about leavings, to see examples in numerous mediums, and to learn more about their fractal development, please visit the shapesofgravity website .
Of known influences, perhaps the best candidate for the impetus behind the formation of leavings is what we term “gravity.” Perhaps, however, the appearance of leavings might be some strange imposition of mere existence. Such a condition of being would necessarily accompany gravity.

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