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By Patrick Peltier
You will place a solar panel (from your old calculator) on the beach near a tanning bed which will power it. If enough power is left over it should be able to power the entire world (except Antartica), or so the calculations are predicted from a scientific group of monkeys.

Reward: A tooth brush (my teeth are gritty).
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By CycoMage
C'mon, Steve, this idea may not be complete, or serious, but the irony is incredible. It's like deep-fried tofu and vegetarian chicken! How about tanning-bed powered solar panels? Maybe we should consult George Hamilton on this one. ;-D
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By Steve
Ok, ok, moved to the Mad Scientist Boiler, due to popular demand. ;-)
By jay11
Well said, but I think it would take a lot of solar panel to run the tanning beds. So, better not talk about the whole world here!! Anyways, the idea is brilliant. But I don't think the tanning beds would run through solar energy. I mean, it consumes a lot of energy!! But I guess, some other home appliances can be tub through it!!
By charlie87
With the cost of electricity these days, I am sure that somewhere out there a solar charger can be found to supply the necessary power for a 10 minute tanning session.

If there is anyone out there who is aware of a system that will power up a tanning bed with a renewable source of energy, kindly share it here. :D

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