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Signed, Still scared...

PostPosted:Tue Sep 05, 2006 4:53 pm
by AaronBurns
The problem is that what is conscious is subjective and the concept of "Me" and self description is an impossibility to a persons psychy so what ever conscious physical form we take would never know who we were which means that it will never matter what we do or achieve since we can't lay claim for good or bad deeds from past lives since that is only a partially hypnotic trick believed by a select few who expeince it and with out proof we must count on the doubters of religion studying parapsychology to prove scientifically anoth existence in an after life be it a spirit realm or another person (Body) where we can then not fear death based on evidence that we can believe with out faith in a God or Religion that death is just the ultimate "Begging" and not an end.
What has sparked this is that we are promised ever lasting life only when we are dying we fail to see the fairness in that our selves and in those we miss or all who pass on. :~(