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Heartbreak options.

PostPosted:Fri Nov 08, 2002 4:37 pm
by Friend

I think that losing your girlfriend is very sad.

You can do one of the two:

Take a football goal fork and plant as deep as you can. Steal a jet and make a sonic boom while passing through it. This will make a gigantic vibration, the Earth's crust will crack thus, destroying the planet.

The second option is that you can try to think your emotions out and meet someone else.


PostPosted:Sun Nov 10, 2002 1:21 am
by Elvis

If an idea is half insane but half reasonable, shoudn't it be in the regular forum?

Or could you separate this into two posts, moving the goal post suggestion to the main forum while leaving the part about thinking out your emptions here?

Just a suggestion. Love this site!!! ;-D