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hey jk any way i need some information on color or sound affecting your mood well its me izzy thx ill be back see ya
By mtbelanger
blue makes you relax, black makes you tired and bright colors make you excited
By willisdek
The mood is described with the patients own words, and can also be described in neutral terms such as abstract, eurhythmics, dysprosium, euphoria, anger, anxiety or apathy. the alexithymic may be unable to describe their subjective mood. A person who is unable to feel any pleasure can suffer from anhedonia.
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By lisarlee101
I'm sorry, I can't remember where i heard about using color tinted eye glasses for criminal inmates to subdue their emotions. I did hear about that - I just don't remember where or when. I actually experimented on myself - I feel better if I wear rose tinted sun glasses rather than dark ones.

So, good job making the connection.

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