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Magnetic Expression (Tape or Radio) To Hard Drive System

PostPosted:Wed May 21, 2008 2:41 pm
by AaronBurns
Simple software to recognize all our old taped music or favorite radio station frequencies. Free music, extremely inexpensive, free, millions of songs. The device is simply a syncronization between two magnetic mediums; (Hard Drive and Music, Radio, Data Tape). Place the tape into an impulse transfer player and it records too the hard drive by the (unique) electric frequencies sent out of tape or radio recognized by the computer software. No wires, no connections; simply the frequencies unique electrical impulses copied to the magnetic hard drive of your computer. Very inexpensive way to buy penny tapes and easily transported or todays hits off radio. No more cost of your old favorites, no more subscriptios to music Web Sites. Instead, this is the Napster of Future, free music. The alternative is to buy a tape to computer, plug and play system for hundreds of dollars.

Reward: Keep the Music Artists from killing me! Ha!

Re: Magnetic Expression (Tape or Radio) To Hard Drive System

PostPosted:Sun Jul 13, 2008 7:58 pm
by greatjay
hey Aaron, could you expand on this a little more? Do you mean the device could copy contents from a dvd or tape by marely getting in close proximity or contact with the dvd or tape? if that's what you mean, then I could take the device to a music warehouse and copy lots of albums for fee. Now that would be tight!

But please do expand some more... thanx.