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PostPosted:Wed Jan 07, 2009 2:21 pm
by Ronh20
By ronh20
Time is light which is chemical. You have elements with negative electrons –they are positive or + elements. Elements with positive or positrons are negative or–elements or antimatter. The elements are just like a railroad track going from negative to positive or matter to antimatter. Just pick a spot on the track to get the right frequency of light then you get time also. This hypothesis has to be proven by the application of light to frequency equation of electromagnetic waves in which the atoms are separated by +/– electrons then reconstituted into light .

All matter burns at some temperature, some low some high. The light or radiation given off during this burning is a chemical or a electromagnetic wave and has mass. This radiation atoms with negative electrons when converted to positrons results in antimatter. This conversion can take place by subjecting the radiation to a man made polarization devise or a natural prism contained in crystals and water.

Water is a great source for converting light into time. The process involves sun light rays and water which produces evaporation and the exposing of chemicals necessary to complete the equation. The actual prism in water converts these chemicals into matter and antimatter by changing electrons to positrons. The result of this chemical reaction is the residual salt ions in the sea which is electricity or -matter. The + matter is absorbed and makes time.

The oceans are a great battery charging the magnetic poles of earth that’s why our pole shift is much less frequent than mars. Every thing is matter and antimatter and time is no exception -it is a frequency of electrometric waves either + or-.

If we take the gamma rays from the sun which contain diatomic carbon and subject them to crystals or water we get the element + diatomic carbon which is anti-matter. This is time/light. Without light no time exists. This is why the experiments of D. Hudson resulted in the loss of time for monatomic gold when placed in proximity with diatomic carbon and created a superconductor which was subatomic.

The equasion is therefore heat>- element>changed electrons from negative to positive>positrons

Masking devise such as crystal or water=anti-matter/light the basis of time

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PostPosted:Mon Aug 17, 2009 9:19 pm
by Highguard01
imagine yourself talkn to someone personaly a private communication only you in them.Are you not using some your time it not at play there? hmmm
the magnetic field carries your voice over space instanly your voice is heard you are great master of time and space my friend now turn on your tv now think about how that works
if you could step it up a lil you might find where others have been but are you prepared for what may come out? or what might leave in? dont jump in there man ive heard stories