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Brain Wave Plugs

PostPosted:Sun Jun 21, 2009 5:55 am
by SparkZ
Hi, sorry if this is in the wrong Tank, I really couldn't decide on one. I have this one idea that's kinda far fetched. It'd be like a wire and at one end it's a USB plug (or some other common plug) and at the other end it'd be some sort of thing you put on the sides of your head, like suction cup things. And the cups would read your brain and transmit it directly into the computer, or whatever. Like if you had an image in your head, you would open up MS Paint or some image editing/viewing program, and you'd select an option called "From Brain" or something and it'd take the image from your head and post it into the program. It'd do this for like videos, dreams you had and can't remember, lost information. It'd read your identity and name and if you wanted you could send it to be looked at by on the computer. And you could change any images or videos with your mind instead of trying to find the right tool to do it with. And there's probably so much more stuff you could do with just this one plug, but I didn't really thing about all the possibilities. It's probably not possible, but it'd be really cool =D

Reward: A free plug I guess...