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By Clouddancer
I'm a newbie here but I'm wondering if people here have leads to potential licensees for all these great ideas? Can I get some feedback on where people have taken thier ideas from here with success?

(Invented an invisible light beam but no one believes me.)

"He who laughs last is slowest."
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By Michael D. Grissom
All light beams are invisible unless they strike something reflective.
Also, any beam using a light frequency that the human eye can't see like infrared would be invisible whether it struck something reflective or not. Can you add a little more detail about what you mean by
"invisible light beam"?

Otherwise, is the only company I trust so far. Most are scams.
By Clouddancer
Michael, that was meant to be joke. Sorry. In the course of creating a mechanical design concept, writing myself and applying succesfully for my own two US patents, I ran across numerous people with "wishful thinking" ideas about as realistic. I just thought perhaps some of the evidently very bright people here might enjoy a little related humor. I've been too busy to visit the site lately, but as I recall it occurred to me that ideas discussed here might have generated a "category pool" of successful licensing leads. Great ideas are just that, mind candy, but worth nothing more if they are never put to practical use. My impression so far is that this site primarily addresses the former.
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By Michael D. Grissom
aaaaaaaaahahahaha... ya got me! I came across this topic of yours almost immediately after viewing all the posts in the "Sea of Chaos", "Mad Scientist Boiler", "Shipwrecked Theories", and Sci-Fi Pond. There are some pretty insane concepts and theories floating around those rooms. So, when you said "invisible light beam" I instantly thought, ho-boy, here we go again -- another perpetual motion machine used to create anti-gravity to make time travel possible which will be necessary to defeat aliens in future wars. aaaAAAARRRRrrrrrgggg!!!! VERY sorry 'bout that Clouddancer but I had completely forgotten that I had just entered the more rational room of "Collaboration".

Also, when responding to anything, I walk a thin line between what very young children will read and try to understand (learn) here verses being brief enough not to bore an adult physics major to death. This is why when I write CCW for example, I will follow with (Counter Clock Wise) for the younger group and those to whom english is a second language.

Having been a cartoonist for about 35 years I am forced by personal nature to appreciate great humor so please DO NOT STOP!

Can you tell us anything about your two new patents? Congratulations BTW (By-The-Way) on your patent awards!!! Welcome to the ranks of a rare fractional percentage of the world's population of patented inventors! yyyyyyeeeeEEEEEHHHAAAAAaaaaaaa! AND,.. I just thought of a GREAT cartoon to draw for this. Email me a name for you that you would want to represent you on a podium. ;-D

To answer your last question; YES there are a lot of licensable ideas within the CP but only if they are progressed through to marketing, business plan, prototypes and sometimes patents -- that massive 'grey area' (lack of money) between inventor and success (money or funding).

For anybody else reading this far, in my opinion, Inventors Digest Magazine is the best all around source of information for independent inventors (not business) to answer virtually any question imaginable about getting from idea/concept to market.

IF in order to make your invention work you need to know how something else works, go to and you'll usually find it in color illustration and animated where helpful. It is my favorite resource website.

So, Clouddancer, tell us about your patents else I'll ask Steve to BAN YOU FROM THIS SITE for a whole FIVE LONG MINUTES thus forcing you into extremely painful withdraw symptoms.


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