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I'm wondering which plastic bag manufacturer (or supermarket CEO? or other?) it makes most sense to approach with a petition as follows:

To produce 2.5" x 3.5" NON-ZIP plastic baggies for purposes of freezing sauteed onions in bulk, or storing leftovers, (or other purposes including crafts..)

Cost: Approx. 200 mini-baggies for $1.00

Also, does anyone here think there would be a demand for same in the above-stated size and price?
Like, maybe (similar to BandAids) the box should include:
100 bags in size 2.5" x 3.5"
100 bags in size 3" x 4.5"

They do not need to be freeze grade, since they can be double bagged - I.E. the mini baggies inserted inside one larger bag, after tie-bags are wound around as sealers. So that's a non-issue. There also wouldn't be freezer burn if double bagged.

BTW, as a pricing yardstick:
I have a pack of 100 2" x 3" zip-locks purchased very recently at a local store for $1.89. So therefore non-zips can reasonably be priced at 200 for $1 or at most $2
So ... you would spend 0.005 cents rather than 0.189 cents per bag for a bag that would not hold as much because the top would have to be bunched for a twist tie? Would the twist ties be included in the box? For free?

Granted you would save a lot proportionately, but ... how many onions do you plan to fry? How big is your freezer? Even if you crammed your freezer full of nothing but small portions of leftovers and fried onions, how much savings would you realize?

And BTW -- I use those small ziplock bags for crafts, and I'm everlastingly grateful that I don't have to mess with twist ties, which increase the danger of loss of very small items (they get tangled in the folds created by the twist ties), decrease visibility, and increase the work-surface mess.
OK, guys, I found an alt. solution:

Those mini silicone muffin trays, which come in paks of three (giving you 12 compartments, with 4 per mini tray.
Costing $2.00 for the 3pak.

Also, at Walmart:
silicone mini pods, 2 per pak.

The former is the better deal pricewise.

You can also freeze crushed fresh pinapple or other fresh fruit in those mini muffin compartments, not just onions.

Then, when your in the mood for some frozfruit ices, remove one glob of frozen fruit from muffin tray, defrost it awhile in fridge, then distribute the defrosted fresh pinapple into popsicle makers together with juice, so you have popsicles with some crushed/fresh pineapple interspersed inside them.
Actually, now that i've tried the silicone muffin sections, i'm sorta turned off by now.

Because they're not disposable, and the smell of onions leeches into the silicone. Ugh.

Instead, i've switched to tucking the onions within each corner of sandwich baggies, then tying a tie-bag around each hump. At least that's disposable, even if not the most ideal (which would be my original idea.

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