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Aircraft Safety- "Webb Deflector" for Jet Aircraft

PostPosted:Sun Dec 20, 2009 1:24 am
by RWebb1954
Be the First Airline Company to end the tragic airplane crashes that takes so many lives, cost millions of dollars.

The Webb Deflector (Concept) is a FAIL SAFE device, meaning it will prevent birds or any foreign matter from entering the engine exhaust intake, unlike radar, installation would not cost a fraction of what radar cost. All the materials are available.

It will be retractable and stored during flight to keep down turbulence, and it is self heated to prevent icing.

Radar can’t determine exactly what the object is (bird or mosquito swarms) and will never be able to. This device will alleviate this problem. Blueprints of concept and concept prospectus available.

Reward- The name "Webb Deflector" retained as product name and partnership in final product details available possible for outright sale.

Contact me direct at 573-620-2528 or e-mail at inquiries only, please