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By luckycooky
hello all i am looking for anyone out there who could help design/finance a next generation mobile device. I know as much as the next joe about makin mobile phones, but this idea has not been done before with internet mobiles, or anything else really, it's unique, and very accesible. the technology is already here, i just need to know how to do it and finance it. any suggestions would be warmly appreciated

thanks guys
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By Lil'Rhymeo
None here.
By luckycooky
well, the phones would basically be PDA (without giving too much away) but all the asociated features, and nice and small, (about MY x-6 size, sagem that is or smaller,

plus these phones using GPS would have a few features that were really unique, and the final feature i can't really say, but it's not been done on a phone before, it's not a torch or a radio or anything like that, (or a pen) but it would make things a lot easier, and i'm sure would sell very well.

if anyone has any ideas about how to get the project started/finance/ or any help at all then i'm listening.


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