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By qwertyto
. People I think it is possible
. An artificial brain to be made and rest is simple

. It is assumed that the brain is very complex, but according to me it is not such a difficult device to be made, the heart is just a pump.
What does the brain do, what comes to my mind is:

1) By its senses perceives the environment and reacts according to its knowledge
2) Regulates functions of the human body organs3)Process the information it has
3) Processes the information it has
4) Collects information by its senses
5) Remembers
The available technologies, I think, already are capable of achieving this.
I am not a programmer, an electric engineer or a medic, or any other profession, just like other people
Collect and associate things
It will not be a robot, just healthy and immortal 
I hope I have not wrote many fantastic things

Please share
By DeusExMachina
you missed the most important part, a part that no brain is without... the power to think independently. no robot or computer has this capability; it just seems that some do. for example: as i'm writing this, i'm thinking about whether lungfish have eyelids. they need them don't they? after all, they spend a lot of their time out of water so... anyway, a computer would never suddenly flash something like that up woud it? not without being programmed to do so anyway.

sorry to take the wind out your sails but it's true
By Free-idea
I'm reallllllllly late with my reply but why not just have a robotic body but a human brain?

Right now your brain is kept alive via oxygen and nutrients. Why not just create a sphere that is a direct copy of the human skull. Fluid to keep the brain suspended and then straight shots of nutrients and oxygen.

Deus Ex is right on the mark, a machine cannot create it can only match. The only way it can match is if it is programmed by a human what to match.

All you did was find a way it would not work, but that doesn't mean its impossible, just this is the wrong key on your key chain.

Why not a robotic body but still keep a human brain that is under the same conditions as if it were on an organic body?
By Eden
I completely agree with your initial assessment. However our knowledge of the brain is not nearly enough to accomplish a feat such as this.

Understand, we ARE machines. We are biological machines. We need fuel (food/air) to turn inro energy to operate. Same as a battery. Energy is energy. Whether from ions of a fuel cell (battery) or from ions form the food we ingest.

Our brain does NOT operate or think independently. In fact, if you take away any ions and fuel, the brain (cells) will die instantly. Our brain can only react to external stimulation. (I.e. light energy, electrical charge as in touch, vibration as in sound etc.) That in turn arranges neuron connections (axons) in our brain, either strengthening or weakening over time.

We are a machine. Example; "Transformers", as in the movie or cartoon, is a hypothetical concept based on a biological lifeform that is made up of mostly metal elements in cells rather then water (as most animals, including humans, are 70% H2O compound per mass/weight ratio), it's likely that in a given environment that life could evolve in many ways.

BASICALLY (yea I have a point), the brain CAN be active alone (with no body). As evidenced by the many transplants we currently do today. You can take a persons heart out and he'll live as long as the brain is continuously fed oxygen through hemoglobin. Essentially all flesh is unnecessary as long as the brain is properly fed and stimulated (studies show an inactive brain dies much sooner).

I hope my small input can help. I believe it to be possible. I even believe it will be the norm in the future. But far into the future. We do not understand the brain even nearly enough to do this quite yet. Look into AI. Its a similar area when understanding the brain.

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