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The eco Waste Disposal - For Landfills

PostPosted:Fri Sep 10, 2010 9:58 am
by jziarati
Hello my name is James, I currently knock on doors for a living. It has come to my attention that landfill sites are using alot of land and thus generating complicated issues within some areas. I know that in some countries they have a facility that can sort rubbish using conveyor and magnet etc to sift the different bits and recycle as much as possible. But here in UK I am only aware of trucks going round to collect peoples recycling that they leave in boxes, then you have separate trucks collecting black bags (e.g household domestic waste etc.) This black bag rubbish is taken to landfills where only say first 5-10 metre top soil is removed for a dumping ground. Then when full after using compactor and jcb (more wastage) the dump is then capped due to pollution to air.


Think of big drilling machines that can drill big holes into ground similar to ones used to build New Severn Bridge! But that can go say 1 mile into ground then black bag rubbish could be dumped in these holes then capped when full. Say if that process took place to sort out whole nations landfills shortages to date I reckon the results would be incredible, hence better for future land conservation and cleaner environment.

Reward: Given a job as Manager of a Landfill Operations Site in UK. I can be contacted Best Wishes.