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By soggy3
A pillow that will stay cool to keep your head fresh. I hate having a hot head in bed!!
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By Michael D. Grissom
Hey!!!... you wouldn't kick 'em out of bed for a bad temper would you? (...just kidding)

Please specify if your pillow gets hot because it doesn't dissapate your body heat or because of ambient room temperature. Thats two completely different problems/solutions.
By soggy3
I want the pillow to stay cool because i hate having to turning it over through out the night for a cold bit. Maybe im strange
By Rishi
Pillows are very good thermal insulators. The heat of the head remains in the area, where the head rests and makes one feel uncomfortable. If one could move the heat away from the place, where the head rests it will improve matters, always assuming as MDG suggested that what is bothering is the heat of the head and not of the room.

One possibility is to make a pillow case out of brass chain link mesh. If the links are fine it will conform to the head shape and not hurt. Such a heat conducting case will behave much like a heat sink and keep the head cool.


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