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Updated specification for an axon generator, any size:

Start with a inner tube that allows a pulsed current of molecules to pass through<for different pressurizations of a sleeve>, the blood stream will provide for this current on a nano level. Then add a hollowed tube that is filled with the correct concentrations and ratios of a brain cells axon of three stable non reactive salt ions sodium, potassium, and my favoite cause i'm bi-polar and it works, lithium. A stable chloride ion is the fourth compound in the outer sleeve and as the pressure changes with pulses the chloride filters through the salts and pushes electron in a semi-circle cathode to a terminal on one side. Add an anode metal semicircle to the bottom with a negative terminal for electron replenishment. The terminals should be on opposite ends of the tubing system for maximum electrical conductivity. Be sure to use the ratios of size of tubing/salty membrane for axons and concentrations of salts and chloride found inside the axon not in the blood stream. Placing an insulator around the structure will allow for no loss of electical current statically. The most important part is to use the natural ratios and concentrations and scale them for highest conductivity. This generator only works with a pulsed, even water or wind, current running through the inner tube. Also check out wikipedia's page on axon's for a nice refresher or the differences between a natural axon generatory force and how this one works. The salt chloride mixture requires no replenishing as they are stable isotopes and combine but their electrons push the electrons in the cathode through the closed electrical system into the anode and back into the cathode. More details available through email
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