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Those who eat low carb and diabetics who have good control of their blood sugar can't eat potatoes because of the carb count. There is a process that will turn the starch in potatoes to resistant starch so they can be eaten by low carbers and diabetics and not raise blood sugar much.

The potatoes must be heated to 149 degrees, then held at that temperature for 30 minutes. Here is an article that explains the process, beginning with the 6th paragraph.

Many of us at diabetic and low carb forums have tried using our existing appliances and kitchen equipment, but we are not able to regulate the heat well enough.

If someone would make an electric pot where we add water and sliced potatoes, the contents are brought to 149 degrees, then cooks for 30 minutes, then a signal goes off so we can drain the spuds and plunge them in ice water, that would be a great invention for so many of us.

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