Gather feedback on ideas and inventions that you plan to market yourself, or find partners for further development. Remember that anyone can read your post, so don't disclose any confidential information about your project.
Hello, I'm happy to know that there are still enough people that have courage to klick on this "stupid" title! My intension was just to to talk among the like-minded....

I have started an exciting project -an "ideation plattform", on which the companies can find new ideas (for products, marketing,design, ecc...) through a creative community. All this is a competition and a discussion among creative people at the same time. The community decides itself which idea is the best...

So I have a question for you: would somebody have fan to participate in such creative brainstormings and to solve our challenges?

Of course there is always an award for the best Idea ( in some cases also + royalties , if an idea has a potential to be developed to an innovation ) and the winners are usually published in media, but I think that really ceative people do not think just about money. So if you like my idea, contact me or go directly to brain-sourcer and look at our current brainstormings.
I'm so not normal that I have very little friends who connect on my level.

I'm so far from the herd that my moon base full command of the herd HQ has them moving in directions that they thought of their own volition.

Send me a message and maybe I'm your guy.

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