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By JestBlaze
Ok i have no clue how this will turn out but i want to churn out a few ideas i have about creating this and hope it finds its way into brilliant hands because no one should suffer from dial;ation and restrictions on food and drink... i am a cook.
The artificial kidney should be apssive. There should be powered by the pulse and contraction of the blood vessels in it and moved only with that ability. When i think of this idea two things come to mind. Gold sifting and coin counting. How does the rocks get past the sand? How does the coins always fall into the proper chamberS? What is left to filter out of the blood? How about a drug additive to make the filtration process easier? Such a drug could mark toxins as magnetic or such so that they can be removed regardless of the size and inserted into the bladder. So what we need to do is develop a marker drug and a passive filtration system. Simple, easy for a brilliant man. I am not one, just a cook. Please if you can pass this on to someone smart, i don't even care about accreditation. Thanks - Matt

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