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By Surfin Cypherz
Unfortunately I can reveal much about the game itself, it is so simple revealing just a bit would allow another to construct their own almost identical game. The game is simple enough a kindergardener could learn to play it, and a first grader would be able to play it well at least at the level of addition and subtraction, but complex enough that even grown ups skilled in mathematics would get quite a bit of educational enjoyment out of it.

It was inspired by a basic learning tool used in first grade through at least fifth grade to learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It combines those subjects with geometry. It has elements of dominos combined with the same type of strategy you see in Go, and Othello, and has a variation similar to tetris.

No matter what your knowledge level there should be a variation of this game to utilize to help you improve your current math skills.

What I am looking for is how to get the money and other resources needed to produce the game for others. Also how to market it to schools, and parents primarily.

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