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By Creativemind
An idea to produce power from water
A concept to replace sport shoe soles to effect better grip tuned to prevailing conditions,
resulted in a geometric fastening that had an unexpected effect it created a vacuum.
This was a bonus to the design and increased the effectiveness of the fastening although
not essential for the design to work. It was while roughing out the patent drawings that
it occurred to me a minor alteration and it would be possible break down water to its gas components. This has been demonstrated in a hyperbolic chamber used for high altitude training, a glass of water can be seen to de-gas as the pressure drops.
Rapid compression would then be enough to evoke the noc effect resulting in compression ignition, that's the theory. Special attention for seal design to maximise vacuum and then compression solid ptfe perhaps.
Frank Whittle famously discovered the jet engine produced more power when the fuel was leaned out at the end of a disappointing power test.
I am not a scientist but I do have an enquiring mind and enjoy engineering problems but with limited resources this one's going to be difficult to work alone, engineering partners welcome
Reward clean renewable energy wow!!

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