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By believein1
I recently acquired a provisional patent on a product that I have great confidence in. I am currently working with a 3D Modeler as I was going to have a prototype made, possibly for Kickstarter or something, but was wondering about the other possible ways to get my product made and marketed. The options I have come to understanding that are available are either and infomercial, a broker to license with a manufacturer, approaching a manufacturer myself, or a firm like Lambert & Lambert that say they can do all the work for me but will ask for 30% essentially at the end of royalties.

I was wondering if you guys could help me out in the best way to approach this that would make most financial sense, both in investment and profit. It is a product that can sell on an infomerical, but those, of course, cost a certain amount up front, not including manufacturing and a contract with a manufacturer after. Same with Kickstarter, although not the same reach of advertising obviously. Also not sure if getting a broker or someone like Lambert & Lambert is necessary and if I should give up as much as 30%. Any advice/links or names of approachable, respected manufacturers would be very, very appreciated. I have other inventions I would like to pursue, I simply needed a first start in the right direction. Thanks so much!

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