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By USMactive
Highly skilled in delusional thinking and in need of sleep.. I'm logging off but, each time I come back stronger than before.

I can be long winded and maybe seen as making myself appear as some of your betters.

My intentions are only to inform in such moments as is now.

If you feel curiosity and can enter that state at will, then really amp it up to 11 because, if you're not curious enough to find out how much creativity you can dig up and mine or catch on the breeze in the moister of every liquid and use your fire, your transmutation of both your genders most powerful driver that hasn't even seen the box before but wants to know what everyone expects to find their when it's nothing in comparison the infinite outside and so far into the distant that the word box loses all meaning.

Then when you think you are more curious to know how your machine than ever before then double it and keep on going until you make every single moment within a moment a question that the


you pretend you have until you have it, you will fit a billion questions into a second and have solutions to each and everyone before that second is fully complete. And then you are on the path as either a god, a time lord, Neo, anything or anyone, nothing at all, will evolve and grow each time you are that person in your delusion that we call reality and wake up to find the time is NOW.

night night. sleep tight

Going onto spotify and making a new playlist titled inspiration. I don't much care for the classics or anything that is old. I need something fresh and currently my playlist has Courage to Grow by Rebelution

If you have any suggestions then I'm all ears and tuned in and if it rings my bell then the church bells will ring out... and with that I'm out!
By USMactive
And now 8 days sober. Went through the bleak wilderness of hopelessness and finally last night I was bouncing around again full of natural energy.

I think as myself more as an ideas person. I like the freshness of a unique way of thinking or doing something. The details very rarely get much attention as once I've imagined how wonderful this inspiration brought to life may help others I then drift off to distant lands and that great idea passes by on an orbit every 3 or 4 weeks.

My fault is being self disciplined enough to take one of those ideas and begin to question it. Break it down from the large overall picture towards ever increasing intricate detail that turn a pipe dream into me asking the Dragons, "I'm offering you 0.1% of my business for 250,000 quid. And through my imaginary fantasy growing in my head I have the Dragons fighting for 0.2% of the company that will eventually be worth more than Microsoft and Google and Facebook combined.

See that there? Day dreaming and fanciful thinking. But if someone mentions an idea then I instantly find the same idea only in upgraded fashion.

My dreams do tend to be on the Utopian plane but anyone who wants an ideas man, someone who when thrown a problem instantly sees a solution or 40.

Message me if you think I would be of some worth to your model of collaboration for projects you are working on. I love problems as if I don't see the answer right away I laugh at how brilliant it's going to be when the answer reveals itself.

I believe that every person on the planet has their own unique creativity and that's billions of ideas not solving all the worlds problems so we can reach the stars.

Having been on a football site for many years that had thousands of users and post would disappear off the front page in 20 minutes if no on found interest in it.

I think a site like this and possibly others on the same kind of general area are needing some full on marketing of how great everyone is at being creative and how they can use ten minutes a day to add to this site so that the drips and streams turn into Noah's Ark proportions. I'm not Noah but I'll sneak on board as a male Dodo knowing they're doomed anyway.

I love the idea of this site but my instincts tell me it's light on minds when anyone with a internet connection and a brain is possible of holding solutions that make the complicated turn into an abacus.

Everyone is creative to some degree and the ability to form an understandable yet never before heard in such a formation , set of words to convey what at first might not seem like much but it is enough to spark a frenzy of advacned thinking and creation.

Your unconscious mind is taking the idea deep into all areas of the mind to feed on how all the information contained deep within and outside of our awareness grows the idea in the most efficient and effective way while increasing it's speed of continually updating and creating something even more spectacular at exponential gusto that when the unconscious mind has a very rich and detailed highly advanced and almost unrecognisable form to the original idea it will come to your awareness in a form that you are most likely to roll in euphoria at the Utopian ideal and all it's working parts such that you only have to take the action to bring idea into reality and with each passing moment your ULTIMATE SOLUTION MACHINE is ever increasing in quality and effectiveness so as to live up to its name. You unconscious can float back on the wings of time to a much younger age when everything was new and the flexibility to chart a hastened course to the treasure island makes creation orgasmic and even the perfection of this marvel is so far off in the distant future that to have the answers now would lead a lesser person to doubt. But you only doubt your limitations and the word of Frank Gallagher and his kin, for once the idea is fully formed you shall have it without even having to anything other than get the ball rolling. Your dreams will be filled with all the answers you seek. Keep smiling and yogi laughing with the expectation that the machine the world has been waiting for is almost on the tip of your tongue before WHAM!!!!! into your mind the future is now.

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