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By disbanded
I'm not marketing or selling anything, just looking for some clever, yet cheap ideas to install my existing snowboard rack in the bed of my truck. I was hoping to come across some new ideas or suggestions here. Unfortunately, the forum won't allow me to post pics because it 'looks to spamy' for a new user.

Is it possible to somehow post pics straight from my computer?

I was given this snowboard rack for free, and I think it would be perfect to use in the bed of my truck. It's a Thule snowboard rack that holds 2 snowboards at an angle.

Here's my idea so far. I have an existing bicycle rack bolted directly to the truck bed floor. It would be really perfect if I could somehow use some bicycle forks to attach the board rack to the bicycle rack - and that way I could easily lock it all together, but could remove the snowboard rack whenever i wanted.

Maybe I could attach the snowboard rack to a 1x6, or something similar, and then somehow attach a pair of bike forks to the 1x6. The 1x6 would be running front to back so the snowboards would run in this same direction. Forks of course at the front of the wood and board rack attached to the bike rack.

I also have a matching bike rack on the passenger side of the truck bed, so I could also run the boards side to side and attach to both racks - requiring 2 sets of forks tho. But this way would keep everything locked down better.

One question is how should I attach the snowboard racks to a piece of wood, or some other material? What material? Should I make it permanent with bolts from the rack to the wood, or do I somehow use the universal clamps that came with the board rack so I can remove the racks (from the wood) as they were intended to? . I definitely need to be able to remove the entire board rack from the truck. Keep in mind the Thule clamps run perpendicular to the boards

Again, I am also looking for new ideas altogether. Or improvements to my own ideas. Thanks for any ideas or suggestions you may have, and if I could post some pics of the board rack and bike rack and my truck bed I'm sure it would help. Thanks
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By disbanded
Dave_09 wrote:If you can post pictures of your rack then definitely I can give it some thoughts to do things creatively. Right now, it’s like shooting in blank space. Looking forward to your pics soon.
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Hey, thanks for the reply. I have attached some images of the rack I want to use in the bed of my truck.



Thanks for any ideas.

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