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By Scootz
So the situation is this..

I live in Helsinki, Finland and a few months ago I had an idea for an invention, after searching for it I was sure it hadnt been made.

So I started making prototypes until I got it working, 2 weeks ago I had a meeting with an invention foundation company and they were keen to help me get it patented but first had to do tye novelty search.

Today i got an email telling me that they have found that in 1997 someone in the USA got the patent for it already (although never produced)

The things i need help understanding are these..

If the patent is only in the USA then why does this affect me in Finland?
Patents Re bound by each country so I am confused why I cant create something similair here? it wouldnt make sense for anyone then to apply for multiple country patents.... Unless m missing something?

Also, although this guy got a patent for something very similair to mine back in 97 it isnt quite the same, mine involves an extra part & different material, is there any way to challenge it and somehow create a modiied or new invention?

I would really appreciate any help on this

Thanks in advance

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