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Dear all Creativity pool users,
I'm writing to gauge the interests in some little stuffs developed based on bluetooth wireless technologies, to figure out the possibility of success if I practically carry those projects out with increasingly R & D investment. I'm sure there must be a lot of veterans, geeks, reaserchers of BT usage, development, improvement in this forum, thousands of thanks if my post can attract some attention and valuable suggestion.

Idea one, tiny and wearable bluetooth keychain/wristband/neck ornament or whatsoever appearance designs those can be made by modern moulding tech, I named them as BT emergency trigger, this device is working with android mobile phones or iPhones via bluetooth pairing (so the phone's bluetooth function should be activated all the time, fortunately, bluetooth is not so-much battery consuming) once emergency event happens especially when it's impossible or too late for user to dail phone numbers or text for help, just press the button on the trigger device, hereby the cooperative APP installed into the phone will be activated to dail the pre-edited contact number, then send a pre-edited message to the same number or other numbers stored in the APP by group-send (This action happens instantly after 0.5-1 second after the user pressed the button of the device, more faster or slower depends on different mobile phone response) Someone may ask, how does this triggering help people? Well, there are several possible daily scenarios helping to comprehend it more clearly.

Scenario 1, The driver got badly injured in car accident, worse, he can't move his body to reach his phone for many unforeseen causes, now what could be more easier and helpful than simply press the button of the emergency trigger to send out the SOS?

Scenario 2, Let's assume a car hijack event, with a gun pointing at the head, I don't think there is any chance to take out the phone to call for help, but pressing the button of the emergency trigger is not so noticeable.

Scenario 3, For solitary old men, once fierce and fatal disease attacks, they could send out SOS timely to get themselves saved.

Well, there are actually many other scenarios more than I can quote to prove the importance of the BT trigger device. Now the critical question is that if the number dialing function necessary? Many people advised me only message group-send is enough, it's really hard for me to make the choice. And the other problem I can't find the solution is that the effective working distance between the emergency trigger device and the mobile phone must be within 10 meters (therefore, if the two paired items are seperated beyond 10 meters, they will not work properly as expected) How to extend the distance?
I have developed the very first prototype and cooperative APP, they all worked nicely as I anticipated, But I still want to get them optimized more.

Idea two, well, the goole wallet concept really inspired me, I mean the name, I named it as android electronic wallet/purse/burse. It's a slim card shaped device which can be put into the wallet to turn the physical wallet into an electronic smart wallet. Bluetooth 4.0 technology adopted preliminary, because I want it to work with iPhone 4S and above mainly. This card device has a light sensor inside, once the wallet is opened, this behavior detected by the light sensor, then it activates the card device to push a signal to the paired iPhone, installed APP starts to pop up a financial list helps to record the expense details.

Moreover, let me say, this card device can be defined as iPhone-mate and wallet-mate, because wallet, phone, those two most important daily appliances are binded together effectively by it, interesting, once the wallet is misplaced and gets out of certain range (BT pairing distance, but adjustable), iPhone gives alarm to remind user, meanwhile, the APP helps to locate where exactly the wallet is. Once iPhone is misplaced and gets out of certain range, wallet beeps and vibrates persistently to remind user. At least, I think this would be very useful for Mr forgetful.

Now what I concern most, except the light sensor, what else sensor could be mounted into this card device to extend its usage, to make it more instereting?

Any suggestion on mentioned ideas would be highly appreciated.

Best wishes.

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