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By flachco
Hello anyone reading this, Ive been having ideas of creating a forum for some time know but i couldnt decide what. I sat and thought. slowly i decided to just create it of something i love to do. Debate! i love to debate, whether against brainless online trolls or deep intrinsic thoughts about life. i did some searching around and i found a main hub of debating called "debating . org" but it seemed too formal and taboo. I want to create a forum where literal any topic that is on someones mind can be debated on or delved into. I may be a bit too ambitious with this, but i want to create a Kickstarter for this idea. I want to post this on many forums to see if i can contract a backing for this idea. i need a web programmer or website designer for the project. many if not all Kickstarter money will go to this person or people. let me know what you think; criticize, elaborate, or back up the idea! id love to hear what people have to think!

contact me if you are or know someone willing to help out a small project!

email: flachco@gmail . com

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