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Dentistry is the branch of medicine that requires a lot of power for a dentist. To enhance the quality of dental services and avoid all the problems mentioned and For ease of operation such as (Anesthetic infusion, X-RAY Photography, Time Management and milling tooth and �) we have decided to design this robot to earn these benefits:
1- Avoid touch the Dental ando system to lips and tongue
2- Tooth milling operations by robot
3- Dental radiography by robot
4- Video record via robot system in 5MP resolution
5- Anesthetic infusion To the target by robot
6- Time management
7- Reduce of the extra costs
8- to avoid being exposed to infectious agents such as practitioners (HCV, HBV �hepatitis B, C�, and bacterial and fungal infections)
9- Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders as "back pain, wrist pain, headaches, shoulder pain, back pain, neck pain"

10- Avoid visual fatigue and premature fatigue.
11- Avoid exposure to noise pollution
12- Abatement of exposure to the rays' ionizing or non-ionizing "
13- prevent skin allergy, allergy
14- avoid the risks and hazards of chemicals such as mercury dental amalgams, resins, sealers and ...

� Radiographic imaging (X-RAY) by robots 150DPI
� Film record via robot camera with (800*600) resolution
� Anesthetic injected into the mouth Target with adjusted 0.02mm
� Tooth operations intelligent robot with adjusted 0.02 mm
� Prevent wasted time (the robot operating time reduces to 15% )
� Prevent exposure to infectious agents such as (HCV, HBV �hepatitis B, C�, and bacterial and fungal infections), 90% of patients will reduce.
� Prevent musculoskeletal disorders in dentists' pain, ankle pain, headaches, shoulder pain, back pain, neck pain, " 100% prevent this disease ".
� Prevent vision fatigue and premature fatigue ,100% prevent this disease.
� Avoid exposure to noise by up to 70% reduced.
� Prevent exposure to radiation as "ionizing and non-ionizing " 100% prevent this disease"
� Prevent skin irritation, allergies and the risk of AIDS and hepatitis, with this method, 100% of those diseases can be prevented.
� Abatement of hazards, chemical hazards, such as dental mercury amalgam, resins, sealers, etc. With this method, 70% of these illnesses can be prevented.
� Prevent physician fatigue and adverse events with up to 100% of this procedure is to prevent these diseases.
� The remote control system via Internet.
� Dental decay Detection Portable intelligent devices via The piezoelectric system with 100% accuracy without any complications

►►Used Technologies:
Buhler Stepper motor ▬ DV camera for image process ▬ computer brain interface control system majol ▬ 7" tablet for controlling system ▬ six degree joystick- Atmega256 microcontroller etc. ▬ ABS parts for Robot assembly ▬ Brushles motors ▬ 50 M ultrasonic Sensors ▬ plaxyglass elements ▬ micro cam via 50 DPI resolution ▬ LCD monitor5" ▬ SONCEB OZ stepper motor

►►Working Principle:
Robot electrical system Is provided By a 24 volt 12 amp power adapter that is connected to AC power. Robot performance is explained briefly below:
1- This robot that connected to the dental unit We Help into the patient's mouth
2- Robots are fixed in the patient's mouth
3- Via stepper motors controller and rotational base motor ,In terms of mechanism, imaging needed and video recorder and Anesthetic infusion ,teeth milling tools, selected location desired Dentist ,Is regulated by the dentist.
4- As needed by selecting any of the items and press the button to start the robot works
5- When we got to the final stage of tooth rasp , then select the desired tooth by the dentist, The system will start cutting tool that intelligently depending on the type of tooth is teeth start teeth milling.
6- After the procedure is completed by a dentist to come out of the mouth. the robot automatically turns off .
1- Intelligent systems to avoid collision with the tool gums and tongue
2- Three types of anchoring the jaw
3- 320 degree rotating tool
4- Sensors capture the moment at the root of the tooth and tooth for tooth decay
5- Six The default method is to cut teeth
6- Controlling the robot control system is very easy and requires no lengthy training
7- Monitoring system with robot control software program robots under Windows 7 and Windows 8
8- System for precision shooting at 30 fps and resolution 80 dpi
9- Anesthetic infusion system with disposable syringe for dental Operations

Reward: 3rd place in international innovation competition of west Asia (ITI2011)

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