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By Mac101
Im simply tired of pouring milk, orange juice, from different jugs!!

Why cant I get those like I get water?

How about... a big metal bin that holds, lets say your milk, then has a little faucet so you can easily pour it into your glass or bowl...

but also, has an electronic meter that tells you if the milk is sour, or how much milk is left....the metal bin keeps it at exactly the right temperature, and the meter helps do so....

insetted into your counter, and easy stuff!!

out of milk? simply pour more into it...

this would work for orange juice and anything else... making life easier!! what do you think?
By Rishi
Almost all juices including some vegetable ones and various kinds of flavoured milk are now available in tetrapacks (200ml and 300ml).

You can keep an assortment of these in the fridge and poke a straw into one whenever you have an urge to have one. No pouring, no faucet opening and above all no cleaning. They also have a long shelf life, and a printed expiry date.


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