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By MattMac
Eating pizza while watching movies is huge… I propose creating a pizzeria with a slit twist. Combine a pizzeria with a movie store. When ordering a pizza over the phone, order the movie at the same time. 30 minutes later you get the pizza AND the movie. Saves you the trip to the movie store.

The problems I see with this are return policies. People may not take the movies back on time since the service will primarily be attracting lazy people. Also the customer will have to know what movie they want to get first. The solution to this would be to simply implement an online catalogue or a paper catalogue/flyer with all the movies available. Finally, the customer would have to sign up first, to prevent movie theft, this could prevent “impulse buying”.

This business model gives you a slit advantage over blockbuster and other various pizza chains like pizza pizza and pizza delight, etc.

Your input is much wanted. I’m actually thinking about doing this and want as much creative input as possible.


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