Gather feedback on ideas and inventions that you plan to market yourself, or find partners for further development. Remember that anyone can read your post, so don't disclose any confidential information about your project.
I have been searching for a platform that can help me in improving my design ideas with expert people giving feedback and suggestions. I found out several forums and websites, but most of them were having difficulties like availability of expert reviewers, incompatibility to collaborate every file types, taking more time than usual to get a feedback and lack of expertise in feedback. I got few opinions from experts that the website may be of great help for any one who seek online help for getting feedback and suggestions on their design ideas. They offer a free account and an ability to collaborate, annotate and discuss in real time creative files like PDF, video, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.. The availability of an expert team of designers who are ready to give you suggestions will make things very easy. I've already received a lot of genuine feedback and suggestions on my ideas that helped me to improve my design ideas. It will definitely fulfill all your needs as a designer. Good luck!

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