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I love the game Monopoly, but it takes WAY too long to play, and my family gets bored in 30 mins. I had a crazy idea. I had watched some funny animal "thug life" vines earlier, so that inspired my idea. A couple days ago, I started changing the rules on a separate piece of paper. I thought of everything that would be changed up. I haven't completed it, but I'll update you all on the new rules, etc. Tomorrow, probably. Anyways, when I pitched my idea, my family thought it might be fun. What I have so far is free parking being a heist type thing, and property rent fee becomes an attempted or successful robbery. I know I sound like a bad guy, but honestly I'm just a creative kid. This was just for fun, and I'm not trying to state or declare negativity, but if this idea is considered bad, then monopoly itself, sorry, and uno should all be considered bad too. Just saying. :-)

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