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By conner c. cole
I have designed a role-playing game that has no dice. It is very complexe to describe, but when playing it is more simplier and easier than conventional games. It requires more committed serious roleplaying.

The basic idea is based on a time scale for many attributes of each character. Magic and spiritual things are based on a belief system that makes players have to explain at least to themselves for their characters, why they can do some of the great things they can. Game settings are very similar to modern design formats. changes or shifts in any game are very predictable and simple, but require the game runner to have an extensive knowledge base or at least made up an extensive knowledge base, if the world is created entirely new.

It is a very different game system because it has no dice, players more free to do what they want. I have a complete draft of the game finished.

Reward: help make it real.

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