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By kaivan
When buying fragrances online would not it be nice to actually test the perfume before buying; like when someone goes into a shop to buy a perfume he/she will use the "Tester" before making up his/her mind!

I have purchased fragrances online once or twice; only to find out the it's not right for me; maybe the smell is too strong or not something I would settle for!

I had this idea of a "device" / "gadget" preferably USB type that could be plugged into any PC online. This device would contain all the basic ingredients that are found in a bottle of perfume. When an online customer on some fragrance retail website wants to "test before you buy", he/she could do so by simply clicking a tab say "SMELL ME" . Of course this would required all the major online fragrance retailers to incorporate some kind of programming in the "SMELL ME" tab to trigger the fragrance through the device that would be plugged into the customer's USB port.

This may sound a crazy idea so bear with me!

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