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By amic

Short: Imagine a food label with a green sign if the food has been stored in a cold place, which turns to red if the food has been kept in a worm place for too long.

Long: I have a patent pending invention which can become a standard in all food labels, next to best before date!

ThermoSafe Label Proof - a patent pending invention designed for Labels and Packages in the Food Industry, which guarantees to the buyer that the product has ben stored in proper cold conditions. If the food product is kept at inapropriate temperatures ( while transported for ex, or in poor managed markets ) for too long ( enough time to alterate the product ) the Sign will turn from green to red.

Benefits: all food shoppers will love the ThermoSafe Label Proof as it gives them guarantee that the product has been stored in proper, cold conditions so that they know the product is not altered. If the best before date is ok, the the Thermo Proof green, the product is ok!

All food manufactures ( meat, cheese, milk, etc ) who offer quality services will love to include the ThermoSafe Label Proof on their label or package, so that the clients can feel confident that the product is not altered by temperature!

The invention in in prototype stage, and I can produce it for various temperatures, and various amounts of times for the product to be in worm place. The process is ireversible ofcourse ( the Proof will not turn back to green when put back in cold place, and it will become red only after a specified amount of time cumulated above the specified temperature ).

I am looking to sell this invention,

Best regards,
Alexandru Marias

Ps. Please excuse my English, is not my first language

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