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By patrick95
I've thought lots about the problems in our healthcare system. It is evident to me that friveless lawsuits are a big part of the problem. However I'm not so sure that capping lawsuits like the govt. is exploring is the right way to go. .Doctors still need to be held accountable for thier actions. While pondering this I flashed back to the last time I bought something off E-bay, it is a great Idea, Buyers get to read the sellers feedback forum before choosing to buy from them. E-bay gives you this information to help you make an informed decision on who you do buisness with so if you get taken, thier not liable. I say we Make an internet database of all doctors who wish to participate. The included doctors inturn can drop thier malpractice insurance wich will allow them to charge much lower for thier services. The said doctors should be protected against lawsuit by having patients sign a waiver. Patients will be able to get on the database to read the feedback on any doctor in the program, to help them make a decision on a competent doctor.
After thier visit the will make thier own post and grade the doctor on his service.

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