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By NigelS
I have recently spent some time working in a school nutrition program. One of the ongoing problems is bread crusts - not the one round the edge of the slice, but the two end crusts.
Many (most?) kids do not appreciate a sandwich made with the crust, so they are not used. Since a loaf has about 20 slices, and two of them are crusts, that means that 10% of the loaf become waste.
I am suggesting that someone devise an extrusion method for baking the bread - after mixing and proving, squirt it out through an appropriate square nozzle and bake it as a continuous length. As the cooked loaf emerges from the end of the oven, it would be cut off in suitable lengths to be sliced into crustless loaves.
I appreciate that costs to convert an existing bakery to the new process would be huge, but if someone were setting up a new bakery, or reftting - this would be an alternative.
The concept of crustless bread would appeal to millions of fussy kids and their long suffering mums, it would be instantly popular with all sorts of catering firms from school canteens to restaurants and army mess halls.
i have no expertise in this area, but having thrown the idea out for discussion, maybe someone can work on the practicalities. I would appreciate some rcognition and/or reward if the idea is taken up commercially.

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