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By Breezy666
These are just two ideas i've had for awhile... and even if they were decent ideas... i would have no idea about how to go about getting them made or sold to someone or not... i don't even know, maybe they are already made... but if not nobody better steal them!!... they're mine...

I think it would be awesome if when you bought a dvd, you could put it in the dvd player to play the movie... and then turn it around and put it in a cd player and the exact same disk plays the soundtrack of the movie... so you could buy them both at the same time... a movie and the soundtrack in one... you'd have to pay more for it of course... but i think that would be neat

and... this might be a little odd... but stay with me... pop-up p-o-r-n... like as a gag gift spencers or a p-o-r-n shop could sell... a pop-up p-o-r-n book... like the kids ones with the little tabs you could pull to make the pop things, do things... and then those noise buttons on the side... like the ones in the kids books that sing or talk as the story goes along.... that makes sexual noises.... that would be awesome...

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