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By armandos_girl2002

Thankyou for considering this Idea. It is a fairly simple idea and is one of many so if you like the way I think feel free to ask for more.
I think would be common sense to bring back glowing objects to kids and thrill seekers. Its a fun way to stay vissible at night and get some attention. Kids love attention. Bicycle tires are always usualy one Why is this? Boring? I can understand it stays cleaner. But its hard to see at night. So why not make them glow in the dark>you could even make them clear and put glow slime tire sealer!!!!!! the kids can watch eachothers weels spin this wierd stuff around theyre tires or simply have a plain glowing tire. Not only that they are more visible to cars in a hurry to get home from work. You could even make them glowing clear with a diferent color of glow inside that changes the color of the tire as it spins! What a fun Idea with so many variations to play with! You could even make them for cars! Or how about trailers to make them more visible?! OR Even landing gear on commercial airliners to help airtraffic monitor how close the wheels are to the plane?WOW there is one! Its product that could profit greatly and become even a saftey standard like turn signals are? Its also perfect for mass production and I believe parents would love it most of all! So please make tires more interesting and visible! ;-D

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