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By Cedric
I was thinking of ideas for computer games and i came up with one i think it sounds alright but then again its probably not.

The 1st is a 1st Person RPG game and you play the role of a vampire in the middle of a war between other vampire races and some mutant races. The story is increased pollution that Humans were spewing into the air it began to cause the rapid decrease of plants and wild life all over the planet. The humans being desperate tried to think of solution. Thus a chemical was made to try and help the growth of plants. During a routine experiment an accident happins and a bunch of scientists are exposed to the chemical. The Scientists seemed to drop dead right in front of their eyes. But later in the morgue where their bodies were being held the bodies reanimated. Now ressurected as what witnesses were calling 'vampires'. The 'Vampires' carried around the virus through their saliva and after a matter of years the entire earth had been infected. But not only people were infected. Some animals were infected and they had been turned into just as powerful beasts. Some stay in the city and try to live normal lives while fighting off other factions while others seem to like the wilderness and others the underground tunnels. You start of being a proud son of a leader of one of the major vampire clans but while you are having a ritual for your coming of age a allied clan led by a vicious vampireturns up and massacres everyone. You somehow survive the massacre and are left for dead. You manage to make it to the sewers where you are found by a strange wanderer. He nurses you back to health and teaches you some of his lore. and fighting techniques. You then set off. Out of the sewers to find your way in life again. The story is non-linear so you could end up joining any of the factions. To try and get the chance to kill the leader that killed your family.

Through joining different factions you are able to pick up several different skills. And also you may pick up some of the physical traits of the different races of vampires as when you kill enemies you devour their blood which adds a part of them to you. You can also gain skills form this. Such as telekenetic skills or such things a turning into mist or into creatures such as bats or a wolf. If you kill enough of an enemy they may respect you more depending on their attitude or they may kill you. The way that you live also changes your appearences and skills. If you live in the light you will gain a tan. And if you do physical work you will gain physical strength and be able to run longer and use weapons easier you will also be used to the sun more. If you spend more time in the dark you will become pale and you may be able to see better in the dark but the light may cause side effects for you. And if you dont do physical work you may come large and weak but you will have more time for studying magic or alchemy. And have strong will power to be able to do spells or create things.

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