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Were coffins really a good idea?...

PostPosted:Tue Mar 27, 2007 8:55 pm
by 'The One'
Coffins...Yes, coffins. Were they a good idea?...

If you think about it, through life everyone gains more than one conscience because of the sheer number of decisions we have to make. If one of our consciences dies when we 'die', do you think that maybe, for hundreds of years people have been suffocating in their coffins under the ground, because their second conscience woke up. I mean, what if after one conscience dies, it takes a while for it to fade completely so that the second conscience can be woken for any 'unfinished business' that wasn't done in life...?

I know it's a distasteful idea, but I've felt I've had a responsibility to mention it for some reason.

For tradition's sake, anyone would say they prefer the idea of a coffin for death, but what about moral and practical issues, for if people actually DO suffocate in their coffins under the ground when we don't realise it. Maybe some people do, some people don't, or maybe it doesn't happen at all. maybe I'm just worrying too much...But all I can say is, I'd feel extremely guilty if I found out that it was true. I'm sure this wouldn't be the only thing to be guilty for as there are alot more problems in the world, but it was just a thought...

Re: Were coffins really a good idea?...

PostPosted:Sun Mar 09, 2008 6:13 pm
by chrishellmax
Love the idea of a second conscienceness.

Here is a solution.
Take a basic camera and movement abillity. Especially a boidegradeable camera . Monitor fresh graves for about a year. Even a
heat sensor that those ghost hunters use.
Voila your idea will have merit if you have heat senors and movement go off when you die.