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The Main Problem...

PostPosted:Wed Jun 13, 2007 9:43 pm
by 'The One'
The main problem in the world (of business, that is) is that it is based on 'saving yourself' so to speak rather than 'saving other people'.
And the problem is, the world naturally is made so that you protect other people more importantly than yourself (by sacrificing certain things). In this world that mixes natural AND unnatural things , you get people making utter pratts of themselves, not even 'entirely' by their own accord, because most of them will be acting this way because they feel they are being CONTROLLED. Some people believe they are CONTROLLING what they are doing when they might be BEING controlled, and that when they feel they're BEING controlled, they might actually be controlling themselves (but maybe aren't used to their own self control). Then of course there are the people who KNOW when they are controlling and when they are being controlled, but to be honest, how do you know which is which?!?...So there are two sides to everything. It's the whole 'positive and negative' thing.

Simply by 'letting go' of yourself, you can find what your body and mind really need and want. Yet, if you don't like the feeling of 'letting go', then it is the opposite, you must hold on to your positive feelings. For true happiness and fulfilment though, you need to ENTIRELY feel you have a FULLY CONFIDENT CONSCIENCE...It's madness really. Someone's conscience might be the same feeling as an other person's LACK of any conscience...if that could work at all... :-? I suppose that is where the main idea of a 'good person' and an 'evil person' comes from, apart from it being to do with what you would do and wouldn't do. Perhaps there are even FOUR sides to alot of things...There is so much to think about, but we shouldn't think too much...we most likely WOULD regret it... B-) X-I B-) :>