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By greatjay
hey friends,

I just joined this site and I already notice that there are a lot of extremely creative and great thinkers. I propose that some of the smartest minds on here come together and form a team/company to advance many of our great ideas. This way we know that we are directly influencing our world for the better... We could all contribute in all the different ways according to our capabilities and talents. This way we could be a huge company full of solutions to all the worlds issues. We could all collectively make a difference
By greatjay
I propose that all the greatest and creative geniuses on CP come together to form a company to create a formal structure that would allow us pool our abilities and resources to truely make the world a better place by creating solutions. Say for example we all agree on one idea to focus on at a time, we would join all our resources to create and market the idea and once successful, move onto the next one. Members would also benefit from profits made from ideas but the key thing is being proactive in using our creativity to solve problems. I brought this up a while back and we had a lot of interested smarts but the idea went cold. Well for all still interested or wanting to join in, just leave a message to indicate interest.

Reward: creating a better world!

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