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new technology for cops

PostPosted:Wed Mar 05, 2008 11:30 pm
by godswisdom
there should be a gps system in every car so they can trck them, but i was thinking theres a box or something by ur engine wires re hooked up to ur tires plus engine ir reads all ur speeds and stuff in the
zone u were in say if u were doing 80 in a 60 zone and nothing was there to see it the box would pick it up, after every 2 months or so take it to the police station they examine how fast u were going in those zones and if u went over i guess ur getting a ticket i know its be alot of work for the police force but just an idea

Re: new technology for cops

PostPosted:Mon Apr 07, 2008 5:21 pm
by Krausejt22
If the police can use the gps so can sketch people who would use that technology to stalk people. And who in their right mind would support such a box. Your just giving more power to the government to regulate how you drive.