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We have the idea and the technology, now we need a sales team.

The idea is unique, without any web based competitor that we know of, and simple...

We're talking about a follow-up system that allows businesses to call customers at certain intervals like when an oil change is due or a membership is about to expire. Like the sequential email autoresponders that many businesses used as a relationship building tool back in the day when email still worked. A low cost, yet personable way to reach many customers at once with strategically timed, automated follow-up calls.

At the moment, automated phone follow-up systems are expensive to run and the per call rates are exorbitant so that these highly effective tools are used mainly by large car dealerships and banks, not the average business. Using the web, VOIP and automation we can create a phone follow-up system affordable for any size business and under-cut typical per call charges by 80 to 90%.

We have the call engine already built. Take a look at our site to see it in action. Putting the software and web site for the follow-up system together will take roughly 3 months.

$50k + your commitment to either hire a marketing firm, hire a full time sales rep or to put the time in yourself gets you 33%.

This is not a typical "business opportunity" or mlm deal. We are a software systems engineer and a telecommunications programmer team looking for 1 partner. If you can commit to the criteria above contact me, Ron Campbell and let me know how you would like to get involved in this exciting new business.

Ron Campbell
Director of Sales & Marketing
TelePixie Communications Inc.
[719] 487-9071
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